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We specialize in diecast cars from AUTOart, Bburago, ERTL Auto World, Greenlight, Hot Wheels, Jada Toys, Kinsmart, M2 Machines, Maisto, Minichamps, MotorMax Toys, Welly, plus more brands of diecast model cars. Our highly detailed diecast models consist of great features such as custom exterior paint, custom rims, rubber tires, custom grilles, suicide doors, perfectly modeled engines, detailed interiors with audio and video systems, and custom body kits.

The types of diecast model replicas that we carry include American muscle, exotic, police, fire rescue, luxury, showroom, SUV, truck, and movie,. Our inventory also include diecast model accessories such as auto repair shop and car show dioramas and figurines, diecast replacement rims, and display cases and stands, from manufacturers such as American Diorama and Unique Replicas.

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Collecting Diecast Cars as a Hobby

Collecting diecast model cars is a great way for automobile fans to collect and own diecast replicas of their favorite automobiles. No matter your age, collecting model cars can be an exciting hobby for everyone. The next best thing to parking a 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee in your garage, is parking it next to a 1967 Shelby GT500 and a 1970 Chevy Chevelle 454 on the shelves or your diecast display cases. 

There are many different reasons why people collect diecast model cars. Those who collect them as a hobby will likely collect diecast models in a certain field (ie. auto, construction, farming equipment). Those collectors who like a specific car company (ie. Chevy | Dodge | Ford) will attempt to collect different model cars for that specific brand. Those who like a certain manufacturer (ie. Hot Wheels | Jada Toys | Maisto) will try to collect as many diecast cars from that company as they can. 

The first step in collecting diecast cars is deciding on the scale that you're going to collect. Larger-scale premium models (ie. 1/18 | 1/24) are generally made with attention to detail. Features such as doors, trunk/boot, and hood/bonnet that open, a detailed engine compartment, steerable wheels, glossy exterior paint, and tires mounted on a workable suspension system that replicate 1:1 automobiles. Brands such as Jada Toys and Maisto International fabricate custom diecast model cars with features such as custom rims, custom body kits, custom paint jobs, detailed interiors with audio and video systems, and custom grilles. In smaller scales (ie. 1/32 | 1/43) some of the details are often eliminated. In smaller scale models, generally the steering do not work and only the front doors and hood open.


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